Premiere: Habischman – Senses (Original Mix) [EKLEKTISCH]

Premiere: Habischman – Senses (Original Mix) [EKLEKTISCH]

Premiere: Habischman – Senses (Original Mix) [EKLEKTISCH]

by February 16, 2021

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Iran born, UK based techno talent Habischman strides into 2021 with a superb new EP on Eklektisch. It features two more tracks of his masterfully melodic, storytelling tracks that effortlessly transport you to another world.

Red Bull Music Academy graduate Habischman has released his lush, stylish and atmospheric techno on labels like Knee Deep In Sound, Moda Black, and SCI+TEC. High-profile support has come from Artbat, Tale of Us, Nicole Moudaber, and BBC Radio 1, and now he continues to hone his craft with ever more devastating melodies, lasting emotions, and the sort of widescreen, adventurous deep techno grooves that leave you in awe. A real love of space always means his tracks have a grand sense of scale and dramatic arrangements which, in normal times, he also manages to translate into his immersive live shows.

The deeply emotive ‘Senses’ opens up and shows the artist’s knack for crafting catchy but classy melodies. Here, he layers them over a sleek techno groove that journeys to the stars and eventually meets a second bright and soulful melody line. Once they come together, they begin to sing in harmony and send shivers tingling down your spine as the supple beats roll on. Then comes the gorgeous ‘Freefall’, which is about an angel who falls in love with someone and both have to leave their own worlds in order to be together. It’s a richly detailed and cinematic techno offering that captures a real sense of love- struck longing. The angelic vocals are spellbinding as the beats build and the serene chords wash over you time and time again to teary-eyed effect.

This is a pair of truly artful techno tracks that make an indelible impression.

We are proud to welcome North America’s Brian Cid to Eklektisch. His productions have found their place on a some of the most well known , credible and most profound record labels in the industry , with a style that touches melodic tec hno, deep house, progressive house and more, with no boundaries whatsoever.

Habischman likes to tell musical stories that bring back memories, whether real or imagined. To do so, the Iran born, London based artist draws on the beauty and blessings of life, the ups and downs of the every day, and puts them into his own cinematic soundtracks that encourage you to get lost in your own feelings. He is a master at establishing a simple yet seductive techno groove then embellishing it with complex melodies and lush synth arrangements that provide plenty of drama. This combination of big drums, spaced out motifs and subtle but spine-tingling vocals lend his tracks an impressive sense of grandeur that has landed him on labels like SCI+TEC, Knee Deep In Sound and Moda Black.

Despite the challenges of growing up in Iran, Habischman’s hard work and dedication got him to the Red Bull Music Academy in 2008. From there he went to live in Berlin, and in 2019 an exceptional talent VISA allowed him to settle in the UK: that proved his efforts had not been for nothing and that music truly has no borders. The same year marked his biggest releases to date – the epic ‘Teleport’ as part of his Voyager EP on Tenampa, and his standout Intelligent Signals EP on Dubfire’s mighty SCI+TEC. High profile support for his music has come from the likes of Artbat, Tale of Us, Nicole Moudaber, Dubfire and picked up constant plays on BBC Radio 1.

As a child, Habischman grew up playing and recording his own voice on analog mixers, mics, reels and tapes, so got an early understanding of how to manipulate sound. His father is a traditional Iranian singer, which also colours his atmospheric style. A fascination with space and cosmic documentaries also mean his music comes with a vast sense of scale that few can match.

When Habischman DJs, he plots adventurous musical journeys that have you gazing up to the sky, lost in his melodies and in awe of the space all around you whether at an outdoor festival, in an awesome cathedral or hidden in an underground cave. He avoids long breakdowns, instead keeping you locked in the zone as he layers in fresh drum patterns, subtle surprises and small edits that make every track feel that bit more alive.

He has cast these sonic spells on crowds all over Berlin, Munich, Dubai, Beirut and Barcelona with his dynamic sets, subtle fx and mesmerising leads. But in 2020 he has bold and ambitious plans to make his sets an even more memorable and immersive experience that takes you further into space than ever before. As well as that, he will return to Knee Deep In Sound with Visions, his finest three tracker to date. All this means that Habischman is at the forefront of the cosmic techno scene and is set to pilot it to plenty of thrilling new heights in the year ahead.


1. Habischman – Freefall (Original Mix)
2. Habischman – Freefall (Dub Mix)
3. Habischman – Freefall (Brian Cid Remix)
4. Habischman – Senses (Original Mix)

Release Date: February February 26th.
Label: Eklektisch.

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