Premiere: Boddhi Satva & Omar – Benefit (MYNY Remix)

Premiere: Boddhi Satva & Omar – Benefit (MYNY Remix)

Premiere: Boddhi Satva & Omar – Benefit (MYNY Remix)

by September 28, 2017

Two years after the release of Transition, Boddhi Satva’s sophomore album we are happy to present you the first of a long series of remixes featuring both, songs taken from Transition but also some bonus pieces not necessarily part of the album. It is no secret that, here at Offering we are all about bridging “the gap” between genres and scenes and these EP’s will be nothing short of a confirmation of our commitment to continue doing so.
For Transition part one, we’ve reached out to a heavy weights producers David Mayer, LUM, MYNY and Atjazz. The cast of remixers have given very different and yet very powerful remixes that we are sure will find places of choices in your sets or playlists.

Starting off the musical Journey, Argentina’s own and proud ambassador of Southern American indigenous sounds, LUM gives “Belma Belma feat. Maalem Hammam” his unmistakable and hypnotic treatment. Following up is certainly the most recognized innovator and respected music producer of our industry. Martin “Atjazz” Iveson, is also responsible for making “Mama Kosa feat. Kaysha” a hit in USA & South Africa’s club scenes with an infectious Astro Dub taking the song to a stellar dimension.

David Mayer continues the journey into sonic excellence. Considered by the industry as a sonic wizard and most certainly another great expert in the art of experimenting sounds, David’s interpretation and rework on “Love Will feat. Bilal” is a testimony of his skill to not only, magnify the original song and give it that unique thump typical to his signature, but helps to make it a timeless piece. Closing this part one is another great yet relatively new producer originally known in the 90’s for his pronounced taste for Rap and Funk as a deejay. It is just in 2014 that he releases his first project and now graces us with a stunning remix of Benefit featuring Omar Lye-Fook. Jazzy and very well elaborated arrangement keeping the grooviness of Omar’s vocals intact, MYNY’s remix is surely giving this anthem a new breath of life that will surely become another club anthem.

1. Boddhi Satva & Maalem Hammam – Bella Balma (LUM Remix)
2. Boddhi Satva & Kaysha – Mama Kosa (Atjazz Remix)
3. Boddhi Satva & Bilal – Love Will (David Mayer Remix)
4. Boddhi Satva & Omar – Benefit (MYNY Remix)

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