Premiere: ANT:ON – Lost (Bensus7 Remix) [Mies&Druff Records]

Premiere: ANT:ON – Lost (Bensus7 Remix) [Mies&Druff Records]

Premiere: ANT:ON – Lost (Bensus7 Remix) [Mies&Druff Records]

July 18, 2022

ANT:ON’s debut release on his new imprint Mies & Druff Records is verypage1image16820160

much in his trademark melodic trippy style, music guided by emotions.page1image16819392

First up is the title track ‘Lost’ – a melodic trip packed with punchy kicks and

bassline, accompanied by a dynamic and hypnotizing synth lead. It

meticulously builds the tension turning the track into a real peak-time


Samer Soltan Remix continues the dream-like aesthetic of the original track,

teasing the listener in with shimmering chord stabs, and a signature deep,

organic drum groove – which is glued perfectly together with the constant

motion of the bassline. The introduction of a strong breakbeat adds a unique

twist, providing an intriguing contrast to the lush synth work – making this a

truly memorable piece of dance-floor euphoria.

Bensusu7 Remix is a brooding peak time mysterious and dark-edged

melodious affair, that packs a real punch. Intense and dramatic, this workout

drives along before dropping to the emotionally haunting vibe before

slamming back with a wonkiness!

Storytellers Remix is not for the faint-hearted. It shuffles into its peak with

twisted hypnotic leads, layered hats and offshoots from its breakdown into

what is most definitely unique and functional techno cut with an

experimental and distinctive edge.