Premiere: Adam Ten – Bedtime Melody (Original Mix) [Kiosk I.D.]

Premiere: Adam Ten – Bedtime Melody (Original Mix) [Kiosk I.D.]

Premiere: Adam Ten – Bedtime Melody (Original Mix) [Kiosk I.D.]

by November 22, 2020

For the past ten years now, I’ve celebrated my birthdays by inviting all my favorite cats to play – we started off at Kater Holzig before moving to our home at Kater Blau in 2015. For the first time since it started, and for obvious reasons, 43 Katzen tanzen auf’m Tisch won’t be happening, on what would have been the tenth anniversary of the series.

I’ve been wondering for a while now how I can make up for the missed year – streams already feel a bit outdated, and you just can’t imagine the vibe of the event without actually being there, getting beautifully lost in those days and nights, hugging old friends and making new ones. You can’t even explain that feeling, so you definitely can’t live-stream it.

Instead, this year 43 Katzen tanzen auf’m Tisch will be a compilation of some of the amazing artists from the past ten years, and even some of the new faces I would have booked this year. In a way, it’s the perfect souvenir of all the nights we’ve had so far, and an idea of what to look forward to in all the nights to come at Kater Blau somewhere in the future.

Title: 43 Katzen tanzen auf’m Tisch – VA Compilation Compiled by Mira
Label: Kiosk I.D.
Release Date: December 1st , 2020
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