Premiere: Abuk – Deserted (Original Mix) [Surrrealism]

Premiere: Abuk – Deserted (Original Mix) [Surrrealism]

Premiere: Abuk – Deserted (Original Mix) [Surrrealism]

by May 9, 2022

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Surrrealism presents its compilation “Surrrealism Speechless I”

The label brings together some of the most revered producers alongside emerging young talents and releases a 6-track compilation of exquisite quality. The likes of Auggie, EdOne, Samer Soltane and Evans are joined by up-and-coming artists such as Abuk, Knoder and Liebig.

Auggie returns to Surrrealism in a big way with “Rollmade”. A track in which the Italian shows off his mastery in creating heartbreaking sounds through a synthesizer. Mysterious fragments perched on an elegant and dynamic rhythm complete a piece of art at the height of the artist and the label.

Evans takes us on a ride with “Glass”. With an unparalleled sonic beauty, the Briton signs a track of high carats. Progressive sounds intertwined with joyful melodies to lead you to aural orgasm.

EdOne opens the door to welcome an old acquaintance. Knoder is a legendary artist from the south of Spain who has always ridden on the back of broken beats. Bringing together his talents to craft a track that breaks down the tracks with a stunning beat and rain of LFOs shot aboard hopeful melodies to make every one of your senses vibrate.

Abuk jumps onto the scene with “Deserted”. The young Argentinian talent shows us his presentation card. With a fresh and dynamic style, linked to hypnotic sounds to transport you to a state of maximum euphoria. A display of talent to burst onto the electronic scene with force.

Liebig takes us down to the depths with “Noise Machine”. It’s time to dance in the dark, to feel how each element penetrates your brain with the intimacy that darkness gives us. Progression with firmness, adored darkness. Argentine blood is pure passion and Liebig is here to stay.

Samer Soltan put the finishing touch to this tale with “T Rex”. As if it were a happy ending, you couldn’t choose a better ending. Forcefulness and seriousness under a layer of tremendous elegance. Experience and versatility at the service of dance culture. Forceful drums and imposing basses to dance while the curtain comes down.


1. Auggie – Rollmade
2. Evans – Glass
3. EdOne, Knoder – Not Human
4. Abuk – Deserted
5. Liebig – Noise Machine
6. Samer Soltan – T Rex

Release Date: May 13th, 2022
Label: Surrrealism

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