Peter Pardeike – Love Supreme – Connaisseur Recordings

Peter Pardeike – Love Supreme – Connaisseur Recordings

Peter Pardeike – Love Supreme – Connaisseur Recordings

by July 7, 2016

Right after having dropped „Connaisseur“, the epic collaboration with Olderic, on our 10 year anniversary release, Peter Pardeike now fnally presents his solo debut. Living in Cologne, Peter is mostly known for his collaborations with Marcus Worgull on Innervisions. His own musical infuences can easily be traced to his club socialization in the 90ies.
With the title “Love Supreme“, Peter Pardeike delivers a monster of a track, which we are sure you will not forget.When the remarkable vocoder choir comes in for the frst time, you will feel it reverberate though your entire body, making it stick in you mind forever. “Love Supreme“ will defnitely catch your full attention. The track’s sequences inaugurate a dance in which they en- and detangle themselves with a dulcet triplet acid approach and an almost popish vocal loop repetition.This track has everything you need, for now and forever.
“Nero“ on the fipside is a symphony of emotions. Don’t be fooled by the strong marching kick drum and its angular bassline, this track is as tender as swiss chocolate and as majestic as the house of Lannister. We promise goosebumps and recommend having a person to hug, to dance and to fall in love with next to you. Sunrise calling!

Release Date: July 11th, 2016 (Vinyl & Beatport excl.) / July 25th (streaming & all other stores)

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