Ly Cheng – Birth EP [UJR 028]

Ly Cheng – Birth EP [UJR 028]

Ly Cheng – Birth EP [UJR 028]

by December 10, 2014

Formed in early 2010, Union Jack Records has been a consistent source of top-shelf musical offerings, With an ear for up-and-coming producers from all parts of the globe, Union Jack has quickly planted its flag as the go-to label for the “deeper, funkier, groovier” side of electronic dance music.

UJR’s latest EP, Ly ChenG’s “Birth,” a three-track release embodying everything the label has stood for throughout the years, while adding a notably dark element to the sounds. “Birth” also marks a departure from the Peru-based producers earlier work, most notably his debut EP, “Dirty Games” – a more upbeat, airy affair.

“Birth” opens with the title track, a nearly eight minute production born to bless the darkest of dance floors. Beginning with a single, short, repeated melody, ChenG quickly, yet gradually, adds literal bells and whistles, before blanketing the track with a single, drawn out synth note and creating a sonic tension, broken only by the sudden inclusion of percussion. Through synths that rise and fall, drums chugging forward and wide variety of subtle, yet key, atmospheric elements ‘Birth’ takes the listener on a journey into themselves.

The EP continues with “Collision,” a sonic sequel to ‘Birth.’ With resonating synth melodies, a wavering chord overlay and a rolling bass line, the track fills the room, taking the listener deeper down the rabbit hole. “Collision” closes slowly and smoothly, guiding the listener back to themselves with crisp percussion and the sounds of a radar leading the way.

ChenG’s EP closes off melancholically with “Stay,” the only track on “Birth” to feature a vocal element. “Stay” continues in the same vein sonically, allowing the listener to once again delve into the deeper side of the music. The track builds up using a variety of synth chords, bass lines and female vocals imploring the listener to “Stay.” The production strains through the speakers until breaking through with the crash of a cymbal and percussion, making it a perfect track for dancing through the late-night.

“Birth” is an exceptional collection of a songs from a promising producer. Union Jack Records is proud to present the record to the electronic music community and hopes it will bring a sense of exhilaration to dance floors across the world.

Release/catalogue number: UJR 028

Release date: 17 December 2014


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4.5 out of 5