King Britt pres. Oba Funke – Uzoamaka

King Britt pres. Oba Funke – Uzoamaka

King Britt pres. Oba Funke – Uzoamaka

by August 20, 2016

When Lossless meets Something Happening Somewhere Only good things can come out, and it is our profit!
Although these two labels are still young, Behind them standing some of the leading artist in the music scene and that’s ensures high quality music in every release.
Both labels teamed up to bring back to life one of the most exciting tracks of the last decade, ‘Uzoamaka’ by the legendary King Britt.
Their special contribution comes through two superb remixes by SBTH (SHOW-B & Thomas Herb) and Love Over Entropy.
While Love Over Entropy delivers beautiful remix which stays faithful to the original he manage with his unique touch to creat an up to date remix full of groove and warm deepness.
SBTH remix is a whole different story, What starts out calm receives a sharp turn right in the middle and kicks all the way till the end and takes the party to another level..!
The long wait is almost over, We can only hope for more collaborations between these two major labels in the future.

Release Date: August 26, 2016
Label: LL x SoHaSo 001

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