Inaki Cerqueira- The World Belongs To Everyone [Lonely Owl Records]

Inaki Cerqueira- The World Belongs To Everyone [Lonely Owl Records]

Inaki Cerqueira- The World Belongs To Everyone [Lonely Owl Records]

by September 23, 2014

The multi-talented, mysterious Inaki Cerqueira’s nasty cuts, have always turned out to be some of my favorite pieces of work in recent times. And his latest offering upcoming on Lonely Owl Records is not much different. It seems Inaki has a grand plan, one which rises above the ordinary and makes you throw wild shapes with the music he creates .
As I mess about listening to the package, Cerqueira’s musicality takes over me like a raging fire full of tasty Techno-Minimal beats. I see a virtual sell out guarantee, faster than my neighborhood aunt’s delicious Pancakes. ”Dark Future”, Original Mix- matches shoulder to shoulder with stabbing strobes of bubbling melody, unbridled macho shuddering Bass, moody chattering clacks, and a propulsive underground body very much required for a sweat box outing. Getting on to ”Distress”, the track manages to engage you with it’s revolving synth riff and repetitive Vocals, while the whipping Bass and tinks of machinery does its work at the back. The evocative pads lend some respite and fiesty rhythms are all in place with the rest of the casing. A straight work out goth Techno outing this one.
The last of the pack- ”Make Love Not War”, Original Mix slows up the proceedings, but in no way does it lessen the mind games involved. And turns out my chosen one. The track embodies an icy blast of fraught with tension Minimalism. The come hither, textured Vocals go around sinewy like honey in your head. There’s some intense underground pervasive atmosphere that meets a trippy metallic percussion and fat Bass, all of which ends up creating an outstanding piece of quality Minimal- Techno release. Inaki Cerqueira is ridiculously talented and I tip my dance hat to him.


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