Human Machine – 146 EP

Human Machine – 146 EP

Human Machine – 146 EP

by February 4, 2016

In the history of Connaisseur we can’t remember ever having had an upcoming release with such a massive buzz in
advance. Eventhough Human Machine has only had one release up to now, their name and popularity are spreading
impressively, mainly due to the enormous support by Dixon, Âme and Solomun for the title track “146”, which they have
hammered in almost every set in the past months.
Concerning the music, it is fascinating how such simply constructed tracks can have such an impact in the club. This is
the secret of Human Machine.
While ‘146’ is dominated by a massive and remarkable synth-line, drilling its way into your head so that you may never
forget it again, the B1 title ‘Drone’ is more focussed on a deep hypnosis, combined with a very demanding work on the
groove. ‘Janus’, the closing title is the most airy and atmospheric track on the “146” EP, a passionate journey with an
unexpected twist.
Human Machine is the project of Mauro di Martino, better known under his moniker Musumeci, Francesco Sorrentino,
Simone Carpenzano and Paolo Lauretta.

Label. Connaisseur Recordings
Artist. Human Machine
Title. 146 EP
Format. Vinyl & Digital
Cat.Number. CNS078
Release Date. February 29th, 2016

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