Hot Natured – Different Sides Of The Sun (Album Review)

Hot Natured – Different Sides Of The Sun (Album Review)

Hot Natured – Different Sides Of The Sun (Album Review)

by September 23, 2013

Last week i finally got my hands on this long awaited album and boy oh boy i was really excited! Lately it seems that our so beloved deep house genre starting to loose his overall signature sound of warm and soft beats with fat and driving bass-lines along with great sexy sweaty vocals, since this so called “Hip House” and “Garage House” started to pop up on Beatport “Deep House” top 100 many people started to be confused and the pure “Deep House” starting to fade away from his natural definition.

Yea i know many of you will start to show your muscle and tell me that music should evolve and bla bla bla, but damn look what happen to “Progressive House” all this robot noises and fart basses track are million miles away from been “Progressive House” and yes honestly i blame only Beatport and other shops for not putting the damn music in the right category!!!!

Anyway after all this musical mix from time to time you find pure musical gems, one of this gems is “Hot Creation” this House gang just keep on delivering fucking GREAT music, when they work under there solo projects or under there “Hot Creation” moniker this house gangsters just don’t disappoint !

This days this is so rare to find musicians that keep giving us great music time after time like hot creation crew, so for that i salute.

Anyway all of you that still didn’t find the chance to buy this amazing peace of art DO IT NOW!!!

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01. Operate feat. Kenny Glasgow
02. Isis
03. Reverse Skydiving feat. Anabel Englund
04. Different Sides
05. Benediction
06. Forward Motion
07. People Change feat. S.Y.F
08. Take You There
09. Planet Us
10. Tightrope
11. Mercury Rising feat. Anabel Englund
12. Alternate State feat. Roisin Murphy
13. Detroit
14. Physical Control
15. Emerald City feat. Anabel Englund