Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Time [Lost & Found]

Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Time  [Lost & Found]

Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Time [Lost & Found]

by November 11, 2014

“Having made music and played together for so many years now, this album takes our collaborative process to the next level. It’s totally different than making an EP together, because you’re getting into much deeper places whilst making an album, and I don’t think that’s something you can do with everyone, because you have to be really connected to your partner in all aspects.” – Guy Mantzur

“What makes this relationship special which the three of us share, referring to (Guy J and Mantzur), is that there are no egos here, it’s a friendship that has grown up beyond music with only pure respect and love.” – Sahar Z

Transcending generic musical barriers Sahar Z & Guy Mantzur’s in sync authenticity translates in to marvelous execution of their music sensibilities, bound together and made alive with devastating effect, is well, simply called- ”Time”. The collaborative effort of these two giants of dance music see’s a release on- ”Lost & Found”, Guy J’s very own cutting edge imprint.
The album starts off with ”In The Beginning”, a ponderous dreamy landscape of sounds, that ensures instant captivation in to exploring the pack further. Fixing in to- ”Small Heart Attack feat. fellow country man Amir Darzi (this tune appears in two versions) has pleasing clicks, elastic beats and haunting Vocals accompanied by an accordian like melodic pad, packs up as wondrously hypnotic fare. ”Sliding Doors” on the other hand transforms the mood with its deep groove and probably more dance floor focused, except save that, it has the emotive factor entrenched in a cinematic way, with digital sleekness coursing through it. Careening on to ”Future Memories” structures out organic loopiness in the bass line thuddering, and shuffling hi hats snake around a funky electronic core. ”Time To Treasure” unleashes a rather fetching bender of a synth line, with an oscillating sub-bass fighting against a loping groove, and guarantees to raise a beautific smile on any ones face, and to my mind one of the most smartly packaged tunes in recent times. ”Rewind Us” dominates the setting with it’s shimmering Techy disco style face, designed to make an impact at club floors. It’s a diverse one thrown in, with a ridiculously fat bass and twinkling melody pattern bubbling around flirtatiously.
Surviving the aural onslaught I trudge on to ”Survivors Guilt” where the pace is languid yet there’s the shimmy and sexy discordant mish mash of stringy untempered with depth, dancing around a cocktail cool textured Bass and haunting taunting Vocalism that caresses your soul to give in. Turns out to be my absolute favorite of the entire pack meets another, close contender ”The Greenwich Tunnel” makes for an eerie late night bulge, that has a blistering progressive quality in an all pervasive, chunky room killer, kinda way.

Just when you decide that, there cannot be anymore musical grandeur, think again, cause you hit- ”Our Foggy Trips” and this mush filled beauty is just a breath-taking excursion to a staggering, cavernously melodic Sea. Finishing up the proceedings- ”Floored” gets down and gritty, and treats you to a chunky chocolatey vibe, the one which you can bite in to and savor the undercurrent of crispy beats over a rhythmic bass line. ”Temporary Sanity” shows you out with a fluffy synth stride and atmospheric droned melodics. Of the head nodding ambient kind.
Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z are particularly interested to revolutionize the way we see dance music, in rewriting it, in revisiting and revising it all. And no way, is this collaboration an absurd connection. It’s that one to celebrate, to join ourselves to and make sure we dance to forward thinking music all the way!!