Glenn Morrison & Brian Cid – Innervisions / Nu [Extinct Records]

Glenn Morrison & Brian Cid – Innervisions / Nu  [Extinct Records]

Glenn Morrison & Brian Cid – Innervisions / Nu [Extinct Records]

by February 17, 2015

Brooklyn-based Extinct Records is a new independent imprint from acclaimed audio engineer/ producer and Dj Brian Cid whose collaborated with international producer/ DJ Glenn Morrison.

Without a doubt the latest release from the label encompasses all the musical sensibilities of the two bosses at the imprint. The just released two track EP introduces us to “Innervisions” and “Nu”. Both original mixes, pack the hugest punch. While the former is all cracked bass, understated percussions and contemporary plucks of bass. The sped up chunks of atmospherics in the interior evoke a melancholic weave, yet there’s enough happy drummy soup to get lost in. The introduction of melody around the throaty quality of the bass synth loosens it up and makes for sweeter, richer, deeper impressions to take on the dance floor.
On the other hand the latter – “Nu” is rock solid and stays one down, with an incessant hat pattern. This tune is massive in it’s classical bearing. The floor shaking bass hurries you through, yet the focus is on creating a mood. Not far away from the previous offering, the chord-ed middle is controlled in it’s execution and transports one to a musical haven. An offset beat provides a modicum of propulsion, especially when a muted snare is added to fuse the deep bass drum, a thick modulating thing that never stops changing, but does so in such subtle ways that it’s hard to tell that it’s doing so.
The effects of this release are, in one word – stunning.