Echoes Of October – Mind the Black Moon

Echoes Of October – Mind the Black Moon

Echoes Of October – Mind the Black Moon

by October 1, 2015

Whether he’s a well-known producer working incognito or a new face in the scene, Echoes Of October makes every effort to unite genres in his melodic techno tracks. Mind The Black Moon is his first release on Ardor and it features two solo productions, a collaboration and a remix, all four delivering a euphoric sensation. The release is an innovated collection of emotional sounds that’s not tethered to any specific style.

The A-Side opener ‘Black Moon’ floats cosmic arpeggios over a polished bassline, followed by dark synth-sirens and a hypnotic delayed vocal loop. The second solo ‘Confusion’ sounds like it’s been taken out of a deep freeze, with crisp, piercing details. It builds up on a rolling synth line into a mystic spoken vocal before things take an uprising turn ending in a main theme melody like a chainsaw.

Hotflush Recordings and Life And Death rostered artist Locked Groove’s remix of ‘Confusion’ transforms many of the original elements into another sphere. Delayed bells and hats, a driving drummed bassline, additional soft strings and vocals will lead into losing yourself and drift away.

Last but not least, ‘Perseo’ completes this release with the collaboration of the Italian-based talent and Be Free label head honcho Jäger. The deepest thread on this EP glides along in airy percussive chugs and rides on endless arpeggio variations. The stretched arc of suspense finds its finale with a non-expected deep toned piano stab.

Released by: Ardor

Releas Date: Oct 2015





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4.5 out of 5