PREMIERE: Age is a Box – Rush (Sobek Remix) [Needwant]

We are happy to feature an exclusive premiere of Sobek’s Remix to Age is a Box track – Rush.   About Sobek : The story of the dj who named himself after the Egyptian crocodile god, does not fit any

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Braunbeck – Schlaflos EP [Sol Eterno]

Its past few releases got music enthusiasts thinking they may have to take Braunbeck’s & Hazel’s young label, much more seriously. And it’s up to co-founder and SOL01 architect, Braunbeck to up the ante even further. Berlin’s Sol Eterno has

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UTA Podcast #046 – MYNY [Solide]

MYNY, deriving from the word ‘mini’, started his career as a HipHop-DJ and producer in the 90s before turning his back on the genre – at least when it came to DJ’ing and later on to his own productions. Still

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