Art Department – The Sun Comes Up (Original + Mind Against Remix)

Art Department – The Sun Comes Up (Original + Mind Against Remix)

Art Department – The Sun Comes Up (Original + Mind Against Remix)

by November 12, 2013

Art Department is the brainchild of Canadian techno/house Legend Kenny Glasgow and Canada’s fastest rising star and No.19 label owner – Jonny White. As individuals both Kenny and Jonny have released countless critically acclaimed records and are regarded internationally as two of the most forward thinking, revolutionary underground producers out of North America. Kenny’s credentials date back to the late 80’s and include productions on Narcotic, Jinxx, his own Method 11/11 label and Turbo. Whilst White’s revered No.19 Music label along side a blindingly fast – growing discography have seen him rapidly rise to the forefront of the international scene.

The catch in Kenny Glasgow’s voice made me wonder at first. He’s forlorn-sounding, foggy and lonesome, almost sounds like my fat coca high us fuck uncle roman.
But something in his voice just make u want to listen over and over again, its almost wrong and addictive as having side sex with blond 20-old hookers..

Its always a bless to hear new productions from one of the finest musical exports ever come from canada! so as soon as the popup in my soundcloud appear on my feed list, i know already that i will feature this new masterpeace even before i even heard it, and like always it was a pure 2:13 eargasam! can’t wait to grab my hands on the full original.
Enjoy from this tiny teaser as I’m sure u will loop it till your browser collapse. :)

Art Department – The Sun Comes Up (Original Mix)

Art Department – The Sun Comes Up (Mind Against 909 Remix)