Ali Love – Another (Original + Remixes)

Ali Love – Another (Original + Remixes)

Ali Love – Another (Original + Remixes)

by September 30, 2013

Ali is busy putting the finishing touches to next year’s album, but he know for sure that global dancefloor just cannot live another day without hearing some new materials from one of the most busiest vocalist in the industry!

Its not happen that often when u just can get enough of one specific vocal, its really strange feeling from my point of view music is really like food, if it taste good u want more but if not you just wont eat it again.

Few people will like to eat meat and other will puke if they just see barbq, same with music you will find people that love house and hate rock and vice versa.

But one thing they all agree that you cant eat one particular food day after day and not getting sick of it, that what strange with Ali Love vocals, for me he that really rare type of a food that u just can eat all fucking day and been starving for more!!! how odd is that?!

Anyway “Another” is another BIG record coming from ali, for me the original is nothing less then a musical diamond, i’m dying to buy it already so i can put it on my iPod, iPhone, Computer, Car Stereo etc, just to freaky loop this song over and over again!!! 5 LARGE UTA Stars.

Coming out on one of my favorite labels Crosstown Rebels, on the pack you will find also an easy listening funky smooth remix by the one and only Felix Da Housecat, and a cool deep techy remix by Tuff City Kids (aka Gerd Janson & Phillip Laur)

Release date: Oct 14, 2013

Ali Love Another